Newchurch, 2008 03 23 1556, ringing after Easter Service, outside, ringing up & more ringing, 112s of 175s
It was a very windy day and the church is perched on top of a hill, so apologies for the wind noise.


Newchurch, 2008 03 23 1547, ringing after Easter Service, belfry, ringing up & down, 141s of 222s
There is no lighting in the tower, hence use of a torch.
The bell has no stay - it was designed like this.
The belfry has no floor, and is open to the first floor below.
The bell is mounted just inside the belfry doorway, so it is not possible to get into the belfry when the bell is up.
Apologies for the lens cap swinging into view during ringing down.


Newchurch, 2008-03-23 1553, ringing after Easter Service, ringer, ringing up & ringing down.wmv

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