St Nicholas



St Nicholas, 2009-12-06 0958, before Patronal Festival, outside.wmv


St Nicholas, compilation, 2009 12 06 1215, after Patronal Festival, belfry, bells & photos, 12s.
This comprises photos of each bell, one of the treble and two of each of the other bells. To accompany the photos, there is one 'dong' on each bell which sounds as the corresponding photos are displayed. Since bell fittings are derelict, and the clappers are hard to get at, the 'dongs' were produced by striking each bell with a key.

St Nicholas, compilation, 2009 12 06 1155, after Patronal Festival, belfry, rounds, 131s
This comprises a video of the belfry. The derelict state of the fittings precludes ringing or chiming the bells. Additionally, it is hard to get at the clappers as the bells are close to the floor, so a 'dong' of each bell was obtained by striking it with a key; the 'dongs' were then put together to give some semblance of what rounds would sound like.


St Nicholas, 2009-12-06 1149, after Patronal Festival, first floor.wmv


St Nicholas, 2009-12-06 1216, after Patronal Festival, ringing chamber (ground floor).wmv

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