Wolvesnewton, 2008 03 23 1516, special outing, outside, rounds & whole place plain hunt, 103s wind
It was extremely windy during recording, and there was no where sheltered from the wind. So apologies for the wind noise.


Wolvesnewton, 2008 03 23 1444, special outing, belfry, inspecting it & oiling bells, 98s of 780s
There is no lighting in the tower; hence the video is sometimes rather dark. Also, there is no staircase or fixed ladder up the tower. To gain access to the belfry, an extending ladder must first be used to get to the first floor, then the ladder must be hoisted up to the first floor to allow access to the belfry.

Wolvesnewton, 2008 03 23 1504, special outing, belfry, ringing up treble & tenor, 59s of 150s
To allow videoing of the bells being rung, the ringer who had oiled the bells had to descend the tower, which involved lowering the ladder to the ground floor, thus isolating the camera operator in the belfry. When the treble is ringing, frame movement is visible. The 2nd could not be rung up while the camera operator was in the belfry. Afterwards, to allow the camera operator to get down the tower, the ladder had again to be raised to the first floor.


Wolvesnewton, 2008 03 23 1513, special outing, ringers, ring up 2nd & rounds, 87s of 163s
Ringing up the second bell was followed by rounds. There was some difficulty in ringing the treble, as it was hard to 'keep it up'.

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